July 29, 2010

Thanks Mom!

 A knock at my door last week startled the crap out of me. Who could it be?

"UPS delivery."

Huh? I haven't ordered anything...

But check this out. My adorable mom, home shopping addict she is, had sent me a lil som' som' -- stackable green boxes. Sweet!

Bless her!

I'm a sucker for these green boxes. A lot of that As Seen On TV crap is, well... you know... crap. But these actually do what they promise: keep food fresher longer. Especially awesome since I'm a farmer's market shopper. Perfectly ripe peaches will go bad on the counter in a couple of days. In a green box, they've stayed good up to two weeks!

So thanks mom. Even though you turned me into an info-mercial. Teehee.

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