January 22, 2014

If We Weren't All Crazy We Would Go Insane

 Well, it's been a minute...

Or more precisely, almost two years?(!)

Not been up to much. The short version of events goes: my partner lost his job and I lost my mind. One week we were house hunting and planning our anniversary vacation, and the next week we were on a food budget again.

For a long while I couldn't face my tiny dollhouse kitchen, because I was supposed to be leaving it behind. For an even longer while I couldn't face this blog. We were so close to getting out - of the literal barrio and figurative trailer park. It still kind of hurts to revisit all that hope and happiness. *Cue Debbie Downer Music*

Look! A kitten!
 Image via Stock Free Photos

Anyway the upside is I have a couple of years' worth of recipes that need documenting, so I'm back, at least for a while. Coming soon: I attempt to conquer my lifelong inadequacy regarding Alfredo sauce.

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