December 29, 2009

No More Holding Out

If I'm honest, I'd been thinking about blogging again for the past few months. I was holding out because my life is pretty boring, which means I feared not having enough material to keep anybody interested.

Then, about a week ago, (that would be the day before I started this site), we got great news around here. Doug got a job offer in Atlanta. Hotlanta. The A-T-L (O-M-G). We have about 3 weeks to find a new place, pack up this place, and get ourselves situated before he starts his new gig.

Woohoo!! Also yikes.

I admit I was holding out on sharing the big news widely. I keep waiting for it all to be a big psyche-out. What can I tell you? I tend toward paranoia. It's starting to feel real though. We've found leads on housing and packed up a few boxes. Hey, I even have an interview of my own!

Wish us luck, as we take off on our latest adventure together.


  1. So cool! I am jealous that you guys can pack up and move to a new city-- such a fun adventure. Can't wait t read more.

  2. That is incredible. My sister and her husband live in Macon (about an hour from ATL!) and they love it!! :) Congrats on the new adventure!! :)

  3. I spent a week for Christmas in Atlanta! What part you thinking about moving to? Should I get out the rolodex and start digging for peeps? I have a friend who is the Leg. Director for the Atlanta Young Women's something or other. I bet she knows some folks.....


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