December 31, 2009

Can the noughties really be over?

Evidently, because my calendar insists on telling me it's soon to be 2010. January 1, 2010 specifically, so it's time for new year's resolutions. Disclaimer: I almost never make these things, so please forgive me they're terrible and unoriginal.

Okay, first things first: lose weight and quit smoking. Ha! Okaay, that's a flat-out lie. Couldn't resist the pull of the cliche.

  1. Get a job. Ideally a proper, career-type job, but I'll be perfectly content with a part-time teaching gig (or two).
  2. Become a redhead again. I'm off to a good start on this one. Made an appointment today!
  3. Quit being such a hermit. New town = new people + new scene. No more hiding behind my computer all day.
  4. Do some grownup financial planning. While I'm colossally glad we've put off buying a house, I really don't aspire to rent forever. That means carrying forward with the disciplined spending we adopted in our last few, one-income months, and obsessively saving for a down-payment. Cuz, you know, you need one of those nowadays.
So there they are, big and small. May your New Year bring happiness, health, and prosperity.


  1. Good luck on all fronts. We read the dave Ramsey book, but it was CREEEEEEPY. We did switch to all cash, which has been great. And what color is your hair? I don't think I have ever seen you NOT a redhead.

  2. Yeah, I've read some of Ramsey's columns in various newspapers. Funny thing is, he mostly makes me think of my grandma.

    I've been sporting my (cough) natural color since August. The $3 bottle of medium brown drugstore dye is at least passable. You gotta spend money to get a decent red.

    Of course, as you well know, the old red keeps bleeding through, which may be why you didn't notice in November. Also, I think I'm perceived so strongly as a redhead that most people haven't noticed the change. Phew!


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