March 15, 2010

A little good karma

See that pretty lady in the middle?

That's Miss Amanda, my beloved baby sister. (The great ox on the end is my brother Jeremy. He'll get his own post someday.) I got a lot of reasons to admire my sister. Pretty. Did I mention pretty? Also super smart and pee-your-pants freakin hilarious. She's a hardworking single mom who don't take crap from anybody. I guess that's no surprise -- the bitch-force is strong in my family.

This year Amanda signed up for the American Cancer Society Relay For Life. I know!!! I am duly impressed! I realize it's not really a race, but you'd have to put a mean dog after me to keep me circling a track all night long.

However, being the dedicated slacktivist sister, the least I can do is help drum up publicity. I'm asking every reader of this post to support Amanda's Relay For Life team.

Relay For Life is a fund-raising effort for the American Cancer Society, a community-based voluntary health organization dedicated to eliminating cancer as a major health problem. The ACS pursues cancer advances through research, education, advocacy and service -- and offers cancer patients, survivors, and their families a place to turn.

Please make a gift today using this secure online form, or this handy printable form.

Amanda is also offering Relay For Life Luminaria for a suggested gift of $5. A luminaria is a paper sack, weighted with sand, containing a lighted candle. Each one bears the name of a person touched by cancer. Please contact me if you're interested in Luminaria, and I'll hook you up with the details.

 Image via Relay For Life

Last, if you're in or near Metropolis, you can sign up to join the team. The ladies would appreciate your company and help!

Thank you everybody, for indulging me in karma-building. Now follow those links and build some for yourself.


  1. I adore that picture of your siblings. That's great that your sister is doing this. I would be happy to contribute. Going to the site now.

  2. I like "lit" rather than "lighted". I guess that's all NewSpeak of me.

  3. Thank you so much for your donation, Gina! I believe everyone has been affected by cancer in some way. Whether through a family member, friend, or themselves. I joined the Relay For Life this year mainly because my grandfather's cancer has been in remission for approximately 6 months now. The Relay is my way of doing my part to support the American Cancer Society, and all the great people that supported us in our journey through his battle with cancer.

    Thank you again for being such a great friend to my family, and for supporting me on my quest for success in this year's Relay!!!

  4. A huge THANK YOU!!! to my sister, whose hard work, diligence, and desire to help me be a success regardless of what I desire to achieve never ceases to amaze me! I love you, Misty!

    Your wonderful blog post, and donation are more reasons to add to my list of "Why My Sister Is the Best" list! :) :) :)

    Thanks again for all your help! You're the best!

  5. Wow. I'm almost speechless. Almost. ;)

    I jumped over here to post a thank-you to Gina. And since Amanda has really said it all, I'll just second her.

    I also have to thank Amanda for the shout-out. Blushing a little, just played around on the Internet after all. You make it easy for me to look out for you. Love you too kiddo.

    Casey -- funny thing, "lighted" vs "lit." For once I didn't scrutinize the language. I was using ACS's Relay for Life media guide, and stuck with their language. I'll have to think on this.


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