March 03, 2010

A thousand pardons and a peach

Two weeks ago I started driving. Atlanta, Metropolis, Peoria, Metropolis, Atlanta -- in six days. It lacked to have killed me, but? Totally worth it!

A veritable Bradley speech pantheon assembled in Peoria to hang out and coach the current team. I stood in awe. I didn't take any pictures. I kept thinking I had found a bitchin' party. And lawyers love people who take pictures at parties.

Truth is I've poured all my smarts into the Bradley team since then. I've barely had jokes left to tweet. I apologize for neglecting this space; I have got to learn some balance.

Oh I've kept cooking meals and taking pictures. There's a good half-dozen recipes comin...

I just want to ease back in with the peach tea thread from last week. I'm lucky to have found some decent winter peaches. Canned ones also work - pour the juice straight in to boost the flavor. That's JUICE, not syrup. You're on your own with that stuff...

Today's tea is Lipton Black Pearl.

Next: boil water, slice peach. I don't mind the skin, but you can always do the old blanch-and-peel. Put some peach slices in your cup, with the teabag.

 The rest of that peach will be my snack in a minute.

Pour in boiling water and let it steep. I like super-strong tea, so I let it go at least 5 minutes.

The waiting is the hardest part.

I admit, I didn't get a good strong peach flavor out of this batch. It's hit or miss in winter, and I should have used more fruit. It was good though. I still drank it.

Take out the teabag and add some honey (I always leave the peach). Sip immediately to warm your face and fingers.

For iced tea, steep the peach and teabag longer (10-15 minutes) and use extra honey. Make sure the honey is all dissolved before pouring over ice.

Coming soon: Mama's got a new deep-fry pan. Get excited!


  1. Ooooh, WHERE did you get that mug? And where can I get one? :)

    I love peaches. When we visit my sister I am coming back with a load!!!

    Glad you're back in blogland!

  2. So that WAS the phoenix Toyota I saw on 6th St. last week!!?! My compliments to your repair shoppe!
    Geezer in Illinois...
    NOT Antigo, Wisconsin ---wherever that is?!?

  3. Courtney - Tyler gave those mugs to SFI pro staff last summer. Surely they came from the bookstore? I don't know how I lived without it! Also, I think these fruit teas totally fit your "nourish" theme.

    Geezer (ha!) - I'm amazed at your eyes. That car only sat there maybe 20 hours both ways.

  4. YUM-- I am trying this today after a quick trip to Trader Joe's for supplies.

  5. Hey! I love the tea cup... and what a lovely tea pot you have! xoxoxo Love you :)


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