April 02, 2010

Hooray! My first meme!

I am uncharacteristically giddy today. Sarah, of Harry Times...All Jacked Up and All Kinds of Pretty fame, has tagged me for my very first blog meme! Show your bag, then dump it out and show its contents. Here we go...

The bag:

Ok, so I admit it's not really a handbag. It's a corduroy *cough* makeup case, which I got as a part of a Lancome gift. Don't judge me; the price was right! I stuck the Playstation controller in there to create a sense of scale.

I get ragged a lot for carrying teeny purses. And I grant, this one's perfect for a dash to the store or a night on the town. It is not so great for road trips, rallies, or any sort of all-day adventure. I carry a mid-sized organizer bag for those outings.

Now, join me in your best Brad-Pitt-at-the-end-of-Seven impression: What's in the bag?!?!?!

The guts:

It's like givin y'all a peek at my soul. *Shiver*
  • A fat pen Doug brought me from his office
  • Smokes and a lighter, crucial
  • Gum, for freedom-hating places where I can't smoke
  • Lipstick, lip liner, compact, and brush, which would not have been in there before I joined All Kinds of Pretty
  • My Blackberry, in its posh (if dirty) red case
  • A crumpled receipt from the Publix
  • $1.33
  • My so-called wallet, which is really one of those leather college-ID holders (Since grad school, it has housed my driver's license, debit card, insurance cards, and sometimes cash.)
  • Prescription sunglasses
  • Car keys
  • Blistex, also crucial!
I love my itty-bitty purses. They force me to prioritize and protect me from bad back days. I also enjoy watching people's jaws drop open when I start pulling shit out of there like Mary Poppins.

Now, my turn to tag some people! I call out Cory, queen of MacWorld, and Wendy, the Independent Thinker from Utah.

Be sure to head over to All Kinds of Pretty this weekend. Sarah tagged us all so you should find fabulous handbag porn in abundance (including an eerily similar post to this one, coming soon).

Edited to add: I installed this Wired posts gadget this afternoon. I humbly invite anybody playing dump-the-handbag to add a link here!

Re-edited to add: the Wired posts gadget has now disappeared from my pages. WTF?

Re-re-edited to add: @!#?@!-ing Wired post fields are randomly appearing and disappearing. Or else I'm losin my mind.

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