January 15, 2011

A Question for my Yankee Confederates

 I know I promised to talk about food media, but frozen Atlanta occupied my mind this week.

Doug captured this Monday, the winter (choke, gag) wonderland stage. This snow gave way to sleet, which fell for another day. The combined effect buried the jewel of the South in three inches of ice.

The Associated Press seems critical of the city's response, though they acknowledge winter storms, followed by extended sub-freezing temperatures, don't happen all that often here.

The AJC carried the positive spin that, economically, the storm didn't devastate the city. Now, tell that to the people stranded on 285 for a day. And that priceless quotation, "I live in Metro Atlanta, not Bangladesh."

This Fox station in Sacramento takes a tone. A "light dusting of snow" overwhelmed the city's "8 snowplows."

I myself appreciated a snow day, but a snow week?

In these parts, a snowstorm means one morning's crummy commute. Whatever falls overnight melts away by noon. So I don't mean to be flip when I observe the city's response has amounted to, let the Lord handle it.

The main road at the end of my subdivision (choke, gag) stayed frozen until yesterday afternoon, when the temperature finally climbed.

It was worse than Peoria.

Worse than Peoria.

At last, my question: Did Atlanta-cicle even hit your radar? Is the rest of the country laughing at us, the way I'm laughing at us inside?


  1. Yes. Atlanta and TX looked a bit needy this past week. We know how to do snow in Utah. It snows multiple times a week here from November through April. Sometimes it's just a bit, other times it can be 12-18 inches at a time. My kids have never had a snow day. Not ever. That said, we do have awesome snow removal procedures. It started snowing when I was in class on Thursday night and was a bit nasty out. I had snow removal gear for the did everyone else in the parking lot. I was a bit worried about the freeway, but folks were going 35....I followed a snowplow to my exit. All was well in the universe. I even stopped for take out before I got home.

    I can see where ATL needs a snow day, but a snow week is crazy!

  2. I knew you guys got snow/ice, but my sister lives there so I pay more attention. I think every winter gets weirder and weirder!! My sister says that they cancel school for an inch of snow in Macon because they don't have plows/salt and those wonderful things that leave the snow all black and ugly. blech. It snowed here too yesterday and the kids are off school because of extreme temps. Totally weird.

    I'm still getting used to this weather!


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