February 01, 2011

Who and What

My students are supposed to be writing introductory posts, laying out who they are and what their blogs will be about. Fair is fair. So who am I? And what is Popcorn on a Skillet all about?

I am Living the Dream. I know. Only a jerk would say so. What can I tell you? Happily married suburban schoolteacher, no kids... Life's a party.

Okay that last bit's a lie. I teach, coach, sleep, repeat. I love my job, though. So life feels like a party.

Rather than drag out the old why-I-started-Popcorn yarn, I want to recall how I named this blog. Why and how did I choose Popcorn on a Skillet?

I knew I was starting a cooking blog, so I Googled "food metaphors" and found a few lists. I browsed, and copy/pasted expressions I thought were catchy, or appetizing, or whatever...

"Busier than popcorn on a skillet" stuck out to me. I love the visual. And even better - it's old-fashioned. I imagine my students wondering, what does popcorn have to do with a skillet?

I've always planned to replace that banner across the top with my own custom photo. I have popcorn in the house. I have skillets. One of these days I've really got to make that happen.


  1. You might need a visual for you young students...most of whom have probably only ever had microwave popcorn...which is a damn shame. Homecooked popcorn is the best!

  2. I miss you Misty! And your blog. You're one of the best writers I know. Your students are lucky, very lucky. Stay warm!


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