May 25, 2010

Taco time warp

Doug and I had a mini-road trip to Charlotte over the weekend, where we kicked it with college friends Tanya, Marianne, Cliff, and Jill -- and Jill's kickass blues band!

NOTE: We had so much fun I'm just gonna milk it for two separate posts. Stay tuned for more about the music...

We got to see two (count 'em) two! Jill Dineen Band shows on Saturday, with tacos and beer in between. Yu-hum, yu-hum.

Appetizers and everything! Is this heaven?

The band played its first set at an outdoor venue where we got down on some local pale ale. After almost two hours of beer in the sun, I was prepared to destroy this watermelon. We also had pineapple, strawberries, cucumber, and chips and salsa to tide us over.

Predictably, this pile of fresh vegetables gave me an itchy shutter finger.

Step away from the peppers, Misty. Step. Away.

We started by browning some ground turkey, then added a little water and prepackaged taco seasoning. Never satisfied with those packet things, I suggested we throw in a diced jalapeno. Thankfully Tanya has asbestos fingers. Delicate flower that I am, I gotta use gloves to chop peppers.

The Lady Tanya makes the magic happen.

I had mine with some lettuce, sour cream, shredded cheddar, black beans, and pico de gallo. Heaven in a crunchy corn shell! I totally went back for a soft-shell round two, but by that time had lost my photo-mojo.

Cliff was extremely proud of the Old El Paso flat-bottomed taco shells.

Marianne fired up the Classic Get Psyched Mix playlist (from How I Met Your Mother, she tells me), and we sat around with the band and band's spouses, drinking Bud Light from the can and generally just living large. Nothing says extended family lovin like taco night!

Thank you my friends, for everything. Can't remember when I had this kind of fun.

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