May 11, 2010

When is a food blog not a food blog?

When the food blogger can't think of anything yummy to say. Sigh...

I'm pulling a meme off my other blog hangout, All Kinds of Pretty. Shout-out to PrettyStephenie for getting it started.

Tanya took this picture of me, sans makeup, last summer. Shine on lady. Shine. On.

1. When did you start wearing makeup?

Um, yeah... I totally don't remember. Middle school? If I had to guess? And, I kinda struggled. My mom taught me application skillz, which are awesome. But, I also kinda looked like my dad, so her colors weren't always right for me. (I'm looking at you, frosty blue eye shadow.) Granted, I only realized this years later, which explains some very silly pictures from junior high.

Look What the Cat Dragged In album cover.2. Since that time, have you always worn it?

Nope. Following a hair metal phase featuring heavy, Poison-esque eye shadow, I did the makeup-free grunge thing. In college (and grad school), I found I preferred an extra 10 minutes of sleep to dolling it up. Then I was a telecommuter for about 3 years. And in those days, it was a miracle if I put on pants, let alone mascara.

3. If you could only wear one item of makeup, what would it be?

Mineral veil. I got a face oilier than Texas over here, which means I forever have to minimize pores, cover zits, and battle shine. This stuff, paired with an oil-free tinted moisturizer, gets the job done in about 5 seconds.

4. What is your favorite makeup “trick”?

Using green to cancel red. For me, this typically means a green concealer to hide blemishes, but it's also great for a sunburnt nose. Got inappropriately rosy cheeks? Mix a touch of matte green eye shadow with loose powder. Perfect blush!

5. How often do you wear makeup?

No more than a couple of times a week these days, which if you read above, is a lot for me! If I'm going out with my husband, or taking pictures for this here blog then yes. Otherwise, generally no.

6. Do you let others see you without makeup?

Yep, as long as they don't have a camera. I know that sounds incredibly vain! I think I look washed out and haggard in pictures when I'm not made up. I don't feel that way in real life. Weird, huh?

7. Do you ever find yourself critiquing other women’s makeup practices? “She would look so much better with a little mascara and lipstick.” Or even, “She would so much prettier without all that gunk all over her eyes!!!”

You know? I don't really think so. At least, I can't remember the last time I had a thought like that. I guess if it were totally off the wall I would notice.

8. Would you go a week without makeup – not a speck, no matter where you were going?

Not counting the tinted moisturizer, I've been known to go months.

9. Who or what most influenced your makeup “identity”?

Theatre. No joke. I met a woman in a community play who could have been my long lost aunt. I watched her put on her stage colors, and copied her shamelessly. The show was Camelot, so the idea was to define our features without looking "made up." I still abide by that philosophy.

My makeup identity goes like this: I'm not looking for people to think of me, "her eye makeup looks beautiful." I'm going for, "she has beautiful eyes."

10. Do you think your makeup makes you “prettier”?

Prettier? No. But surely more socially acceptable.

Updated to add: I'd love to hear other women's answers! Feel free to respond in the comments, or if you have a blog, leave us a link!


  1. Are you sure a drag queen didn't influence you?

  2. Haha C. You *would* go there. My very first post on All Kinds of Pretty totally revealed how I think of getting made up as drag. Impression management, style as performance, and all that good stuff. That said, I'd make a terrible drag queen. My body is a corset-free zone. :)

  3. oh, I NEED to have mascara or it's just...well, scary. Blonde eyelashes! Can we say "Night of the Living Dead??"


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