August 17, 2010

I am computerless

Call it the perfect example of how the universe likes to test me. Early this morning I was online, reading the news, peachy as pie. When I got home from campus this evening, nothing. It powers up but displays nada. Not even on an external monitor.

Now... Get this... My warranty expired... THE DAY BEFORE YESTERDAY. I shit you not.

There are bright sides. Like how I procrastinated buying the new battery I've needed since April, at least. Like how I put off upgrading my OS & Office software. Like how we just got the Airport to work with Doug's laptop on Sunday.

So, I don't even know what this post will look like. Hopefully Blogger will cleverly interpret the html I've punched in here. If not I humbly apologize for the eyeball-assaulting block of text with pointless tags crammed in.

Oh yeah, and, Casey was soooo right about the other day's chili recipe. It was short on beans. Thanks for calling me out, bitch. I was gonna write up some variations today, but for now I'm getting carpal tunnel from Blackberry typing. Stay tuned...

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