August 13, 2010

Pull it together, sister

Oh, the dog days of summer -- an expression which, I read somewhere, has to do with the dog star Sirius. And the fact I couldn't even sustain a thought train through my first line of typing today ought to tell you something about my state of mind. (Hint: steaming hot mess.)

The food-blogging drive has abandoned me. Not for lack of cooking -- my kitchen is kicking out luxury! Like the day I fixed chicken nachos...

Which I set out intending to write about

Or when I lost my mind and just had to make these brownies I found on The Food Blog...

Hooray for my Green Boxes!

Gotta love those Blackberry pictures, huh? Anyway...

I'm sort of out of my mind prepping one of my classes. Apparently I have a limited daily allotment of creativity. Which? For now is going into assignments I hope won't provoke my students to mutiny. The previous syllabus included a lot of "type memos" kind of projects. I don't mean to be a hater, but when's the last time you saw a typed memo?

It's been fun though. No really! It's just sucking away all of my time and attention. Poor Doug must think he's married to the back of a laptop. And just wait til speech season kicks off in earnest.

Can I just marvel at my privilege of having a job to bitch about? Also, can you just marvel at how that's my idea of a positive attitude? I am sunshine incarnate, I tell ya.

Happy Friday the 13th. There's a slasher movie marathon in my future. Sweet.

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