February 06, 2010

Cool and collected, could be calmer

If you check out the post immediately preceding this one, you'll see the shocking pictures of my beloved, busted-up Toyota Solara. Its hood is mangled, front bumper cracked, grill bent, and all the front-end lights wrecked. I'm a little sick to my stomach.

Although I'm happy to report Atlanta has dodged all the snow from the past three weeks, it's been raining. As in, nonstop. As in, I'm freakin Noah over here. Last night on his way home from work Doug skidded on the wet pavement and back-ended a Lincoln.

Note to Doug: I love you babe.

Well, to be precise, he more or less drove up under the Lincoln. Its shiny bumper was barely scratched. The Toyota's hood peeled back like a banana. Ugh.

Mercifully he wasn't hurt. Not even a little. Okay, his pride is pretty black and blue. My sister aptly described his state of mind as "shame spiral." I've tried to take it bravely. Getting worked up doesn't accomplish anything, except getting me worked up. I'd rather stay cool and collected. And be a merciless smartass.
"Geez babe you couldn't have just picked a fight with a Kia? What have I said about them sturdy American cars?"
Just try to appreciate it as a joke. Not my best work, but grin-worthy...

Rejecting his self-flagellation, I insisted we go forward with our weekend plans. It's just a car. Hell, it's just the front end of a car. We've been through way worse drama than this.

First, to the mall!

I heart clearance sales.

No man is too macho for a little retail therapy. That, and my man legitimately needs a whole new wardrobe for the sweet new job. I have great fun taking him out to play life-sized Ken doll. Far more than trying to shop for myself.

Afterward we had an early dinner at Sidelines, our delightfully sketch local sports bar.

Yep, last night's band was called Skynard Nimoy. Genius.

Juicy burgers, crunchy fries, and killer margaritas. Oh yeah, and Kentucky basketball on the big screen. A little slice of heaven.

We're doing okay with the car situation. I'm a little stressed that stupid State Farm will total it. I'm prepared to beg, cajole, threaten, and maybe commit an act of violence to keep my ride. But I won't know anything until Monday at the earliest. Nothing to do but stay brave.


  1. Love retail therapy! So sorry about your car. It doesn't *look* totaled-- hopefully you'll just get to pay your deductible and go on your merry way.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement girl. Turns out your prediction is correct. Now we gotta cross our fingers that they get the work done in time for AWW. I will be beyond pissed if I have to miss it.


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