February 13, 2010

Seriously, atmosphere?

All sympathy to the good people from the Midwest and East Coast. I know you've got it worse than we do. I lived in that Illinois deep-freeze long enough. But there's a reason I don't live there anymore, and here it is.

Brr. Makes me cold just looking at it.

Okaaaay. I'm in Georgia y'all. The proper, deep, Confederate, South.

 Do these steps say "safe" to you?

And it looks like the front of a holiday card.

Okay, I guess the trees look sort of pretty. Maybe.

How far am I gonna have to go to escape this mess forever?

I can barely see my house under there.

I hear Venus is nice this time of year...

I swear I haven't gone through any wardrobes recently.

And these poor pines have shrunk a good foot.

Guess there ain't nothing to do but hole up inside and wait for spring.

Come on spring!


  1. Crazy, I tell you... Pretty though!

    Leah Beth

  2. Amazing how snow has an entirely different meaning in the deep south vs. midwest. Nice pictures!

  3. oooooh-- it's so pretty. awesome pictures.

  4. This makes me laugh. My sister is in Macon (about an hour from Atlanta) and she doesn't even OWN a shovel to scrape the three inches off her driveway! lol So funny when southerners get snow...Ok, I'm not laughing AT you. I'm laughing NEAR you.


  5. Although a snicker has been stifled along with global warming references, I am sorry to see snow in Atlanta (and/or Marietta). But take heart; similar to the blushes on the cheeks of pole dancers and ladies of the evening, I suspect it is neither to be relied upon nor to last for long....Love, Icedad in Illinois
    PS I love your setting and your house is adorable!!

  6. Snow is pretty -- but only when you can admire it from inside a warm house holding a cup of hot chocolate. :)

    Courtney, please, laugh away! You should see people trying to walk, let alone drive, around here. Comedy of errors. We're basking in our superior snow skillz -- still have scrapers and warm clothes aplenty from our years up North.

    Icedad, far be it from me to start a flame war with my own pops on my own blog. I love you, and thank you for instilling in me a healthy skepticism. XOXO

  7. We still have piles of snow on the sides of parking lots. That is weird for us. Weeks after snow and all. Enjoy being inside. Cups of hot tea and blogging and reading!


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