February 08, 2010

Show you my WHAT?

Oh... Tweets...

I found the Super Bowl an irresistible opportunity to experiment with the whole Twitter thing, which is a brand-new side of my online identity. I know, get with the times, Grandma. But don't hate. I'm trying.

My project? See how fast I could type smartass comments about the commercials. I re-read the stream this morning (narcissist), and give the attempt a C- (generous narcissist).

Here are my favorites:
The winner is, kgb. "Bring it on, fat man" may be my next email signature.

Dear US government: I could so have used a piece of that $3 mil you spent on a census ad. Sincerely, the infrastructure.

Emerald Nuts: Disconcertingly accurate metaphor. Obey boss. Humiliate self. Get to eat.
It's a tough way to write, especially attempted comedy. There's no time for revision on a schedule like that. It's a little like amateur improv, only way less pressure cuz the audience is virtual. I also learned, the Twitter-to-Facebook publisher is really slow and somewhat unreliable. Of course, that may be because about 2 zillion people were tweeting the game.

Shameless (total narcissist) self-promotion break! Find me on Twitter to see the rest.


  1. your census one made me literally LOL last night. Loved the whole stream-- A all the way. Thanks for an awesome comment on Antenna-- you're totally right.

  2. Dude, I missed all the good ones that everyone is talking about. Giving bathtime at halftime was a doozy.

  3. Ok, this almost makes me want to catch up with Twitter. I feel sooo sorry for anyone who follows me on Twitter. I NEVER use it!! (I don't really get it!) lol

    You're hilarious. :)

  4. Truth? I don't entirely get Twitter either. I pretty much just set it up so I could post statuses to FB and the blog.

    I'm digging it so far though. For example, just got a sweet recipe from Gordon Ramsay's feed that I can't wait to try.

    I hope you do catch it up, Courtney! I'm gonna go add you to my stream, and cross my fingers.


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