January 27, 2010

Crazy lady confesses...

I've been promising pictures and stories. So here goes. My confession? I have utter meltdowns over utterly stupid things. Here's an example.

I hate Walmart. It reminds me of that "Who Needs the Quick-E Mart" Simpsons, where they go to a megastore with the tag line "shopping is a baffling ordeal." I avoid it whenever possible. But when you move to a new place, and you're on a budget, you kinda have to suck it up.

We managed to fix up our bathroom for under $100, which is nice.

I love the colors in this shower curtain!

Another bit of background: Cute as our little cottage may be (and it's getting there), it has some, er, issues. Like, there's no light fixture in the living room. Unsurprisingly, Walmart totally failed us there. Unless you need dorm room lamps, just stay away.

Home Depot, however, came through with this:

Yes, that's surround sound hooked up back there. Priorities, people.

So all over the box are warnings: 40-watt light bulbs maximum. No problem. Back we go to Walmart (and this was like, our 4th trip in 2 days, it was ugly). We get the light bulbs and head home, giddy that we can finally sit in our living room at night.

What the lousy box didn't tell us was, the lamp requires 40-watt chandelier bulbs. You know, the narrow ones with the tiny bottom? Yes, a setback, but in the scheme of an interstate move, no bigs.

Nonetheless... Lost. My. Shit.

Tears, swears, the whole nine. I might have thrown some stuff but nothing was handy. Poor Doug, bless him, just kind of stood back and offered to do the 5th [cussword] Walmart trip solo. But I pulled myself together and went along. We got the stupid bulbs, my meltdown safely behind us. Horse's ass...

I'll leave you with a couple more bathroom photos, since that's the only room really fit to photograph. Everything else is still in cardboard hell.

My signature style: decorations that function

I know, this mirror needs serious cleaning. 

The round bit is an old sticker and I think the black shit is paint. We'll get to it (cough). It's totally on the list!


  1. SO CUTE! Love the light, too. Wal Mart does suck, and I absolutely know that feeling, especially on the heels of a move, although also when you just forgot to buy some household essential for the 9th time in a row.

  2. Misty-I know how you feel. Don't be ashamed. In fact, I lost my shit yesterday when I brought home a light bulb for my chandelier that LOOKED like the old one only to find out when I plug it in that it's halogen. Anyway....Ikea is pretty good about offering lighting solutions for the ceiling that doesn't require wiring. And you can buy online. Just a thought. Keep the pics coming---and I expect several more meltdowns from you in the coming days. Unpacking and organizing is a crazy mess!

  3. Speaking of IKEA and Atlanta.... We stopped in during Christmas. It was my first IKEA experience. My roommate raved about the Swedish meatballs so we went to the in-store restaurant to get it a try. Guess what they don't serve at Atlanta? COKE PRODUCTS!! I searched in vain for a Diet Coke. If I was on the planning commission or city council I would have told IKEA to fly a kite. (a cute, cheap one of course, but a kite nonetheless)

  4. Ah, yes Wal-Mart. I always feel like I'm selling my soul to the devil everytime I shop there.
    Love the decor. Tres chic and functionable. Always a plus.
    Coming from someone who has moved a few times (understatement) expect more fits. Consider it unpacking of the psyche.


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