January 25, 2010

So here we are

Welcome to Popcorn on a Skillet, Georgia-style!

Just got my internet hooked up yesterday. This morning, I got all settled in for a marathon blogging session when...

Tra-la-la, my phone (pressed into service as alarm clock for the past week) tells me it's time to shower and get ready for my interview this afternoon. Crap.

I had such good intentions for today. Got Doug off to his new job about 6:15 this morning. Thought "I have hours to unpack some more crap, go through my blogroll, and get a good post together for Popcorn." Then I laid down on the couch to ice my back and... Zzzzzz...

Good thing I had to be up at 10 a.m. yesterday too, huh?

Stay tuned! I'll have stories and photos soon, I swear!

1 comment:

  1. Yay! You're back-- post some pics of the new place :) GL on your interview


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