January 04, 2010

How packing exposes your soul

 Three boxes marked "bar." Six boxes of books. Self-knowledge is a terrifying thing.

Oh yes, the packing has begun in earnest. We've cleared out the bar and the library (obviously). Winter clothes, CD's and DVD's, all our spare linens, and most of the tchotchke from the living room. All told it's probably 1% of everything that needs packing. Yuk.

It's good though, to be forced to touch everything we own, with the knowledge we have to carry it out and then touch it again to unpack. It's helping us streamline, which, after 6 years in one place, we badly needed to do!

We've carried three bags to the Salvation Army so far, with another set to go. I'm also giving some quality items to WKU's Women & Kids Learning Together summer camp. This is an amazing program that helps local women improve their lives. It concludes with a Clothes Bank, in which participants get to pick out professional, job-interview appropriate outfits. Don't know what I'm going to do when my gifts involve more than hiking up the hill. I guess I ought to start searching for similar worthy programs in Atlanta!

Next up: video games, framed photos, and kitchen decor.


  1. Isn't packing the worst! I think you need to drink while you pack...although then you may not want to part with anything. I just had a flash in my mind of the scene in The Jerk when Steve Martin was evicted from his mansion and as he was walking out he kept seeing things that he the thermos. Hilarious movie...I may need to Netflix it soon. I think you're doing it the right way Misty....a little bit at a time. I'm so excited for you and Doug. I think you need to audition for The Real Housewives of'd be a hoot with them!

  2. Packing suuuuuuuuucks. But you're right, the purging that comes out of it is usually for the best. I am jealous of your fresh new start :)

  3. I want to move. I would love to be forced to examine the contents of my home in a timely fashion. I love the way you worded this.
    Also, wish I had a bar. All bar related things in our home are stashed and dusty in the bottom of the china cabinet.

  4. Lest I mislead, our "bar" is actually a repurposed, yard-sale microwave cart! I'm most proud of the battery-operated LED light we stuck inside the top. Creative? Yes. Classy, no.

    The cocktail and wine glasses had collected a fair amount of dust. The lowballs and margarita glasses came out spic and span. See? Exposing the soul.


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