January 31, 2010

Shout-out: Can I be Jamie when I grow up?

I know, silly thing to say, when she's way younger than me! 

Today I want to send my love and gratitude to Ms. Jamie, over at I Love My Life. Why, you ask? Well generally, just for being awesome. But specifically, for making me this sweet hat!

My dome's stayin totally warm.

My girl knits, scraps, cooks, gardens, takes gorgeous pictures, and rescues kitties from evil trolls. Okay I made that last one up, but I bet she would! Jamie helped me figure out the perfect size and style, and then? Hooked. Me. Up.

My ears? Also totally warm.

With all my heart I recommend jamiesierraknits on Etsy.


  1. Love the pictures, and you look awesome in the hat!!!!!!! Love you!

  2. Great pictures Misty, see you're getting better. Although, now that I think about it--it must have been Doug taking the shots. Anyway, great looking pics. And yes, soon I will have a cozy Jamie hat to call my own. Placed my order tonight! Woo=Hoo

  3. So cute. I wish I had the head for a hat. I don't. Or maybe it's my hair that wrecks it? Yours is sooo cute!! :)

  4. Jamie: Love you too. Gave me an excuse to play supermodel for an afternoon.

    Gina: Yep, totally Doug's pictures. And he didn't even stab me in the face for being all bossy and anal about them. :)

    Courtney: I've been years without a hat, cuz my brillo-hair usually just pushes them off. That's why Jamie's my hero -- custom sizing!


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