January 28, 2010

Now it's a home!

I finally went to the neighborhood grocery yesterday. After a week of eating fast food and frozen pizza, I totally snapped. Even though the kitchen is still in chaos, and the thought of cooking in there is giving me angst, I couldn't take it another day. I needed some vegetables, y'all!

And fruit. Gas station raisins couldn't cut it anymore.

Aside: I take crappy pictures. What the hell is white balance? Did I leave enough background? To flash or not to flash?

Same photo, with flash. Washed out, no? I don't know...

The thing is, my photo-impairedness has never been an issue before. Doug takes fantastic pictures, so for important events we put the camera in his hand. But even I'm not so pushy and narcissistic that I'd make him do the images for my blog. So I'm muddling through. Practice makes perfect and all that, right? That said, if anyone can recommend a book, you'll have my gratitude.

Also, just in case you thought I was exaggerating about that total chaos thing, here's another area of countertop.

And this is the "tidy" section!

There's an island of garbage right out in the middle of the floor. About four boxes crammed full of crumpled newspapers. I can't bear to make it public. We're searching for a baker's rack to supplement our storage. Once that's in place, maybe I'll relax a little.

It's astonishing, really. Somehow, I made all this crap fit in my last kitchen. Maybe I was unconsciously bending space-time? And if so, how come I've suddenly lost that ability?

Oh, and that veggie photo looks totally staged, because it kind of is. Since I'm gearing up for a proper dinner, I took the time to place and organize all my spice bottles. The fruit and veggies are pretty much right where they landed out of their grocery bags, and they looked so pretty I just had to get them on film -- er, memory card.

Now, they've got to go because I'll be needing that workspace. I think Doug's recliner is unoccupied...


  1. food is pretty. I have no clue about pictures-- I take terrible ones and don't know how to fix that. I like the pic w/o flash better, and I think it's a good looking picture. Jamie rex takes amazing pics-- ask her.

    Can't wait to see more-- your cottage looks ADORABLE

  2. Damn straight thats Misty's kitchen. Anyone notice the white bread, mostaccioli, vegetable oil and the JIM BEAM! HAH!

    The more pictures you take, the better you get. Keep it up friend.

  3. Gina: That's mostaccioli *in a recycled salsa jar* thankyouverymuch! And don't hate on my white bread. We all got our demons.

  4. It's not the white bread I'm hatin' on it's the three gallon jug of whiskey :)

  5. Oh... I thought that was a compliment...



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