January 30, 2010

Delighting in details

Not gonna lie, it's been a rough few days. How do you honor someone's memory, when you're miles away from anyone who even knew him? I sincerely don't know. So, I'm choosing what I hope my friends and fam will do when it's my turn. Looking for joy wherever I can find it, and connecting with people however I can manage it. Thankfully, in this age of blogs/facebook/twitter/cellphone/text, that second part is easier than ever. As for the first one...

So far I've resisted the urge to gripe a lot about the new crib. I can look anywhere and see an upgrade over what I moved out of. But it's a rental, so, you know it's not going to be perfect.

This crap right here?

Notice the paint smeared on the switch plate?

Drives me batty. Sloppy, careless bullshit, afflicting every switch plate in the house. And yes I most certainly sound like my grandpa right now. But I can live with this. A minor, purely aesthetic offense after all.

What I couldn't live with was the shower situation. Now, I like a fast-running, soaking shower as much as the next girl, but not at the expense of having enough hot water to rinse my hair. If I may offer a totally gross admission, I haven't shaved my damn legs since we've been here! Definitely not trying that in cold water.

Now I think we've solved this problem. Today we went over to Lowe's and picked up this little gem:

Cue choirs of angels

Waterpik's "Ecoflow" high-efficiency shower head will drop us down from 5 gallons per minute to 1.5 --  it even has one of those neato pause buttons. With any luck, tomorrow I can have a long, hot, proper shower. And smooth legs. See? Delighting in details.

If you knew him (or hell even if you didn't, I'm sure he'd still appreciate it), drink a toast to Curt Byars this weekend. If it's a Keystone Light that's even better. Look for something simple and let it give you joy. Connect with someone you haven't seen in a while. And if you love anybody you think might not know it? Tell them.


  1. Dude, Mr. Clean magic erasers will totally take that paint off the wall switch and I love ya! Gina

  2. I want a pause button on my shower head!! I have been taking what I call "stop and go" showers for over two years now. That's the way our soldiers in the desert take them, so I figure since the only thing my President asked me to sacrifice was mortgaging the entire future of our country, then I should sacrifice something as well. Helps me use far less water than normal, and I try to use as cool of water as I can stand.


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