November 15, 2010

Bye-bye B-B

Share a cheer with me, because we bought Droids.

No, not this kind... Though that would be super-bitchin. 

We bought the phones, of course. Droid 2 for Doug and X for me. You know, because Mr. Balcony-of-the-Muppet-Show jes' don't get them damned infernal touch-screen doo-dads. Or the damn kids always playin' in our yard.

Teehee... Kidding, baby.

What that means to you, faithful readers, is the end of internet-porn-quality 2MB BlackBerry photos. For with the purchase of a snazzy new X, I will quadruple my mobile photo power.

Also, buh-bye to AT&T. Which delights me, because as shocking as it may sound, I do sometimes need to leave the Southern States.

And right now I need to go bribe my man with kisses. You know, so I don't get exiled to the couch for making fun of the local despot.

STILL KIDDING! No really! Kidding!!!!

1 comment:

  1. I love my Droid! I learn new things about it all the time. I didn't really think about me having BlueTooth since my car doesn't have any BT capability, but Kyle's car does. Now I know!


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