November 13, 2010

Mountain Biscuits

When the word biscuit is right there in the name, y'all knew we had to scope this out... And what a find! I will actually be saving this cinnamon roll for later, because my biscuit with gravy was so big, hearty, and satisfying. Reminded me of my mom's b&g. YUM!!!!
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  1. Strange...yesterday I was in Little Rock and ate a breakfast diner and had what they called "Biscuit Mountain." It was biscuits topped with hashrowns, gravy, sausage, and two fried eggs on top. Intense.

  2. Ok. you need to come to Colorado. Apparently (and I've not confirmed this for myself) there are some award-winning cinnamon rolls here in Loveland... I'd be willing to eat something I'm allergic to just to give them a try. lol :)

    Was it yummy?

  3. I *do* need to come to Colorado! One of the world's most gorgeous places I've never been. It was pretty yummy. Though not quite what you usually imagine in a cinnamon roll... More like a sweet biscuit, unsurprisingly, perhaps.

    And apparently I need to visit Little Rock too, because that shit sounds like the Zen of breakfast.


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