November 20, 2010

Must... Blog...

It's been a busy day today, to the extent I'm near cursing the day I promised myself I'd blog through this month. But it's not like I have real problems.
The nonsense I've posted the past couple of days pretty much tells the story. Playing with the new phone, to the extent I've given myself a crick in the shoulder from screen-tapping. Again, not like I have real problems.

In fact, as I (slowly) work through my contacts trying to make sure friends & family have my new number, I'm being reminded how lucky I really am. Pretty much living the dream, is how I've been responding to the "how's life" question.

Yeah I'm overwhelmed with work, but I have a job. No mean feat in this day and age. Doug loves what he's doing. And, if I have to tell a secret, I love what I'm doing too. Everybody should be so blessed.

 Getting in the holiday spirit, perhaps?

I'm grateful we can afford to upgrade our phones. Shallow? Maybe. But that's nothing compared to what I have planned for All Kinds of Pretty tomorrow. I'm grateful for a lot of things, but I'm going to save those for later. You know, just in case this got-nothing-exciting-to-blog-about trend continues.

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