November 07, 2010

My husband has never seen The Lost Boys

I have clearly committed marital malpractice, and must rectify it by bedtime.

Down with pussy, sparkly, non-killin vampires.

Two points here:
  1. These are vampires, dammit. Motorcycles, rock-n-roll, and killin. Lots of killin.
  2. Jack Bauer is nothing. Make mine immortal, with a big 80's mullet and pointy teeth. 
It's movie time, y'all. Ooo! And then it will be Walking Dead time.

Because it's always Halloween inside my head.


  1. OMFG! Best movie of my childhood. Nice work introducing him to the classics :)

  2. Did you see there's a new one? I saw it on tv recently. (I didn't watch it, I saw it in the info) Corey Feldman stars. Somehow I don't think they can improve the original. Creepiest thing? The kids singing "Thou shall not die" omg. I get creeped out just thinking about it!


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