November 10, 2010

Hoops on a Tuesday

First off, just humor me will ya & pretend my photo here is "artistic" and not "craptastic."
Last night Doug very sweetly accompanied me to a basketball game on campus. See -- and I realize this may be a little silly -- a good third of the team is in one of my classes. I kinda wanted to see how they play.

We had a good time, Doug's grumpiness about their apparent pro set offense notwithstanding. Friday is the Kentucky season opener, which I hope means he'll get less grumpy.

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  1. Now that's devotion. On both your parts. I bet you're a great teacher Misty!

  2. Note from the geezerverse:
    Doug: gotta love this freshman group with a win outa the box!?!
    how did us ordinary bball fans think your guys did?
    And did they win? lose??

  3. Wins from both the local team and the family favorite. Not a bad week, all in all. :)


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