November 17, 2010

Nablo fail

 I suck at commitment.

I like to move house. Even though the older I get the harder that becomes. When I can't move I like to rearrange furniture. Even though Doug kind of hates me when I get that feeling. I like the rush of new, novel. Even though that always comes with the anxiety of not-knowing-what-the-hell-I'm-doing.

Which is all a very long way of saying, to expect myself to blog for 30 days in a row was probably madness.

My back is killing me.

Nonetheless I schlepped my ass down to the local R1 university to look around and maybe get some questions answered about their doctoral program. Total strikeout. Didn't learn anything I hadn't already found by obsessively stalking their website. The big question -- how much of my extra graduate coursework would transfer into the program -- is un-answerable, apparently. Something to be decided after admission.
Doug: "Did you bother to tell them that whether you apply actually hinges on this information?"

Me: "No. Because that's not really true. Whether I'll ever finish is what really hinges on this information."
Their website says to expect four years post-Master's for a full-time student to complete. Since I'm probably only capable of one class per semester (and three classes is full time), that puts me finishing in TWELVE. So those extra hours they may or may not accept as transfer credit would be extremely helpful.

Maybe this whole PhD thing is a bad idea... Too much of a commitment.

When I got home I tidied up a little bit and dug into the endless pile of grading laying at my feet. Clearly I've overloaded myself for this semester; for spring I'm cutting out assignments left and right. For the moment though, I'm stuck following through on another foolish commitment.

Right now I really should be out of the shower already and headed over to the office. I made a dent yesterday, but just a dent. I more or less just passed out on the couch in my fortress of white paper.

Is it finals week yet?


  1. Just apply at UW already. So many tech jobs for the hubs.

  2. Also, it's not the course work that typically harms PhD completion rates- it's the diss. So the amount of credits that'd transfer may not be a huge issue in the grand scheme of things-- you just don't have to take THAT many courses anyway,

  3. Two words: Wisconsin winter.

    And I fully recognize the lunacy of this, butt the course work worries me way more than the dissertation. Writing? I have faith. Class schedules, panic attack.


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